Truck Accidents: Why They Occur And How To Get Compensation For Your Injuries

Trucking accidents occur every day. In fact, there are between 41,000 and 45,000 truck accidents annually in the U.S. Because of the massive size and weight of trucks, they can do some severe damage if they crash into other vehicles. Drivers who have been hit by trucks have suffered concussions, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Common Causes of Truck Accidents Driving a commercial truck is a lot different than driving a regular vehicle, so truck drivers must complete specific training before they are allowed out on the road. Read More 

Tips For Securing Your Child An IEP At School

If your child with a disability is entering school this year and they are dragging their feet about getting an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) in place, then there are many actions you can take on behalf of your child to move the process along, including each of the following tips: Tip: Aim to Foster Friendly Communication With the Staff While it would be nice to have your child enrolled in a school where the staff and teachers trip over themselves to be accommodating, this isn't always the case. Read More 

Benefits Of Moving Forward With An Uncontested Divorce

When you decide that you wish to divorce your spouse, you typically have the choice of informing him or her of your decision and moving forward regardless, or explaining your position and coming to a consensus that divorce is best. If your spouse doesn't agree with the idea of divorcing or plays hardball with the division of assets, you'll be dealing with what is known as a contested divorce. However, if you're on the same page about everything related to the divorce, the situation is known as an uncontested divorce. Read More 

Some Ways to Make Divorce Easier on Your Dog

Are you a dog owner contemplating a divorce? If so, it would behoove you to consider the needs of your furry friend as well as your own. The divorce will affect them too. They will be losing the everyday companionship of at least one of their owners. Thus, to help you make better decisions in this difficult time, following are four important things you can do to ease the situation for your dog. Read More 

Double Trouble: Understanding The Legal Concept Of Double Jeopardy

You may have heard the term "double jeopardy" when referring to criminal cases, but many people have an incomplete idea of what this means. The definition of this legal term should not be oversimplified, since there is more to understand when it comes to how this concept is applied and what it covers. To learn more about this fascinating and unique justice system issue, read on. The Fifth Amendment Read More