What Kinds Of Out-Of-Pocket Expenses Will I Have In A Car Accident?

One of the more frustrating things in a car accident is that you may be immediately liable for your own costs, whether or not you are at fault for the accident. Here are some of the charges that you can expect.

Auto Repair

The first area of expenses is for the collision repair to your vehicle. If the other party is at fault for the accident, it may take several weeks or more for their insurance company to investigate the claim and declare that they are at fault. In the meantime, if you want to proceed with repairs to your car, it will be your own responsibility to pay and get reimbursed. Of course, if you have collision auto insurance, you are in a lot of luck; the insurance company should pay for your expenses and then get reimbursed by the other person's insurance company later.

Loss of Vehicle

You could also consider it a loss-of-vehicle situation if your car is not driveable. Then, you would be eligible for a rental vehicle until the insurance company can pay for your auto repair. They could also pay for storage of your vehicle if you have a broken window and your car is therefore not secure. However, these costs will probably come out of your own pocket and then you'll submit the receipts to the insurance company later.

Medical Costs

Medical costs may be an area where you're in luck. A comprehensive health insurance plan will cover you for services. Or, you could speak with your personal injury attorney about setting up medical liens. That way, your medical care providers will not seek to collect payment upfront. Instead, they will be paid directly from the settlement money you receive from the insurance company. This is a way for you to get medical treatment even when you couldn't have afforded the services out of your own pocket. This only works if you are not at fault for the accident.

Fortunately, one thing you shouldn't have to pay upfront is legal costs. A good auto accident attorney should work on contingency; they don't take anything until your case is successful. They may even make certain payments from their own pockets, such as the cost of hiring a private investigator to speak with witnesses, in order to make sure your case is a success. So, get a great lawyer to help you negotiate lower out-of-pocket expenses on your case.