What Happens When Your Child’s Other Parent Becomes Disabled After Divorce?

Divorce can be financially and emotionally stressful for both parties involved, regardless of the cause. Splitting from a single household into two can bring with it a number of additional costs -- and even with regular child support payments, it can be difficult to maintain the same standard of living you had before if you're the primary custodial parent. If your child's other parent becomes disabled after your divorce, what will happen to your child support agreement? Read More 

Delayed Diagnosis: When Honest Mistakes Become Legal Matters

As a patient, you trust your doctor to provide timely, accurate help for your medical issues. However, since you're not a medical professional, you often have to rely on the opinion and expertise of your doctor to know when you need help. That means if your doctor either takes too long to diagnose an issue or misses it entirely, they could be guilty of medical malpractice. Even in today's high tech medical environment, delayed diagnosis impacts a large number of people every year. Read More 

What Should You Know About Your Underwater Mortgage And Bankruptcy?

If you're one of the nearly 10 million Americans whose home lost so much value during the Great Recession it's still worth less than you owe, you may be considering one of several options to help you free yourself from this burden. You may not want the credit hit (and black mark against you as a future renter) that could come from a strategic default on your mortgage, and may not have the funds to buy your way back to zero equity in order to sell your home. Read More 

Can Anyone Enter A “Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity” Plea?

Nearly everyone has heard of cases where violent criminals have pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and presumably avoided the consequences of their actions.  Many assume that means all the defendant needs to do is claim he is insane, act weird during the trial and walk away without a sentence. This causes many people to ask, "Can anyone claim temporary insanity to avoid the consequences of a crime?" Technically, you could make the plea, but it will likely take more than a few shenanigans in court to convince the judge  Read More 

You May Still Be Liable If Your Dog Bites A Trespasser

As a dog owner, you probably know how important it is to keep your pet contained so the animal doesn't get loose and cause problems in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, those problems can land right on your doorstep, especially if there are children in the neighborhood. Even if someone trespasses on your property, you could still be held liable if your dog bites the individual. Implied Invitation A trespasser is defined as someone who enters your property without your permission. Read More