Worker’s Compensation Answers For Patients

The effects that can follow your workplace injury may be devastating and long-lasting. While victims of these incidents will want to seek medical care, the expenses can make it prohibitive. To this end, worker's compensation is designed to serve as an essential form of protection for individuals that are facing these injuries. What Are The Common Damages Incurred By Workplace Injuries? In addition to the expenses that are directly associated with seeing a doctor or receiving medical treatment, worker's compensation plans will provide some protections for other expenses that may arise. Read More 

Do You Have A Legal Case Against Your Adviser?

When you consult financial advisers to handle your money, you're likely doing so because you aren't sure how to invest your assets. Like many people, you might trust the adviser you give your money to. However, you must ensure that you periodically check in so that you're sure your finances are protected. If you begin noticing these investment issues from your adviser, it could be time to reach out to a securities attorney. Read More 

Three Situations When You Need To Consult An Attorney After A Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault

Although there are exceptions, if you get into a car accident and it's only a small fender bender, it is unlikely you will need an attorney. There are, however, many situations in which you should contact an attorney right away, especially when the accident is not your fault. The following are three of them. The fault of the accident is unclear If the accident is not your fault, obviously, you don't want to file a claim with your own insurance company because it is likely to lead to higher premiums. Read More 

Divorcing With College-Bound Children

It can be easy to neglect thinking about the future when parents divorce. While most parents insist they want their children to attend college, making sure that happens by preparing financially might be a different thing. Divorce is actually the perfect time to ensure that your children are covered — no matter how young they may be now. Read on to learn more about this important future need that should be addressed now. Read More 

Making Healthcare Decisions Before You’re Incapacitated

You may feel like you're always going to be of sound mind, but when it's time to determine what will happen with your estate, you'll need to also take into consideration the issue of incapacity. This is when you lose the ability to make medical decisions or take charge of your financial affairs.  Controlling Future Healthcare Decisions You may have specific requests regarding what will happen if you are hospitalized. You may wish to be resuscitated or not resuscitated. Read More