When Do You Need A Social Security Lawyer?

Many people face an inability to work due to disabling illnesses and injuries. These can occur as a result of auto accidents, health conditions, falls, or injuries sustained while going about your day. When the scope of your injuries is permanently disabling, you may need to apply for Social Security disability. These are a few situations in which a Social Security attorney may be a great idea.

Before You File a Social Security Disability Insurance Claim

Why would you need help before you filed your claim? There are actually quite a few reasons to consider this. Contrary to popular belief, though, hiring a Social Security lawyer will not speed up the claims process so you get paid faster. What it does, though, is help you avoid unnecessary delays based on procedural errors, improper documentation, etc.

The role of your Social Security attorney is to help you make sure all your papers are in order before applying for benefits so that you aren't denied for technical reasons at first glance.

Additionally, your attorney can help you decide if your claim is one that will likely merit approval from the Social Security Administration. Not all disabilities are approved for Social Security disability benefits. Since your attorney is familiar with the process, educated in the law, and frequently works with people in various situations to help them get the benefits they deserve, he or she is usually well-versed in the types of claims that are usually denied (and the reasons cited for those denials).

When Your Social Security Disability Claim is Denied

According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 53 percent of applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Some of those claims are denied due to technical details rather than medical details. What is shocking is that only a small percentage of those denied appeal the decision by obtaining a Social Security lawyer and scheduling an appeal hearing.

Hiring a Social Security attorney to review your case before applying is always wise. However, having them do so when your case has been denied can identify grounds for appeals so you can get the benefits your medical condition requires.

When You Don't Know Where to Begin

The claims process for Social Security disability insurance is laborious and, often, confusing to the average person. Your Social Security lawyer understands the process and can help you through it from beginning to end. They can even help you with the appeals process should it become necessary.

While you are not required to hire a Social Security lawyer to file for Social Security disability, it is often in your best interests to hire one from the beginning to avoid potential mistakes that will cost you time and money along the way.

To get more info, contact a Social Security lawyer.