The Key Steps to Take After Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Going through the preparation stage of Chapter 7 bankruptcy can take weeks or months, as there are many steps to complete before filing, but there are also some key steps you must take after you file the documents for your case.

Here are some of the steps you must complete after your lawyer files your Chapter 7 case with the local bankruptcy court.

Attend the Meeting of the Creditors

Immediately after filing your bankruptcy documents, the court will assign a trustee to your case. This trustee will initiate a meeting called the "Meeting of the Creditors," and you will have to attend. This generally takes place just a few weeks after filing, and it is one of the first steps you will have to complete after filing your papers.

Complete the Second Credit Counseling Course

A second step you will have to take involves completing the second portion of credit counseling. Prior to filing, your lawyer would have helped you enroll in the first credit counseling course, as completing this is a necessity for filing. After you file, though, you have to finish a second course in order for your case to proceed.  

Respond to Requests from the Trustee

Another step you should expect after filing is being required to respond to requests from the trustee. During your case, the trustee will be evaluating every aspect of your case and situation. As this occurs, the trustee is likely to come up with questions. When this happens, the trustee will notify your lawyer about the questions, and your lawyer will notify you. You will need to respond by providing documents that provide the answers to the questions the trustee has. You should aim to respond quickly to these requests to avoid delays in your case.

Turn Over Assets the Trustee Requests

Finally, there is a chance you will have to turn over assets you have in your possession to the trustee. If this is the case, it will occur after you file your bankruptcy documents but most likely before your case is closed. If this is something the trustee requests, your lawyer could try to fight it, but fighting this does not always end up successfully. Success depends on the case and the factors involved in it.

These are four things you will likely need to do after filing for Chapter 7. To learn more about the steps you must complete, talk to bankruptcy attorney services today.