Injured While Working As A Big Box Store Greeter? Consult With A Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you're an extrovert, one of the best jobs that you can get at a big box store is that of the greeter. You'll smile throughout your shift as you warmly greet those who enter the store, point them in the right direction, if needed, and wish departing customers a good day. One reason that you might stop smiling, however, is upon sustaining an injury — and while the position of store greeter isn't overly dangerous, there are still several ways that you could get hurt. If so, you'll want to consult with a workers' compensation attorney to review the details of your case. Here are some injuries that you could face.

Slipping On Wet Floors

Slip-and-fall injuries as a big box store greeter should be rare during good weather, but if it's rainy or snowy outside, you can count on the floor inside of the store's main doors getting wet as customers' wet feet pass across it. You'll want to be extremely careful in these conditions, but it's possible that you could slip and fall, causing a serious injury. Your workers' comp attorney may deem that the store is liable for your injury because it didn't invest in enough mats that would absorb the water and keep the floors relatively dry.

Injuries From Shoplifters

If you work at a big box store for long enough, you'll almost certainly encounter instances of people shoplifting and attempting to flee. You're in a potentially dangerous position for such moments, as a fleeing shoplifter could see you as the last line of defense — even if security isn't in your job description. This individual could push you out of the way, causing you to fall, or otherwise assault you as he or she runs outside. Your attorney may view this assault as preventable had the store invested in adequate security personnel.

Crushed Between The Doors

Occasionally, automatic doors can malfunction and close despite someone standing between them. As the staff member closest to the big box store's doors, you could potentially get injured in this way. For example, a sensor malfunction may cause one door to shut, trapping you against the other door and causing injuries such as broken bones or even internal injuries. Your attorney will look into the store's maintenance schedule on its doors to identify shortcomings that suggest negligence. In each of these injuries, a workers' compensation law attorney can get you the damages that you deserve.