Determining If You Need An Attorney To Represent You In A Pending Legal Matter

You can hire an attorney for just about any type of legal matter. When home buyers go to close on their houses, they often have real estate attorneys represent them so that a fair sales contract can be drawn up. Victims of employment discrimination are also represented by law offices so that their claims are taken seriously when seeking relief. Sometimes all that's needed is the expert opinion and guidance of an attorney, such as when you're having a dispute with a neighbor or have subpoenaed as an impartial witness. Here's how to know if you'll need to find law offices to represent you in a legal case or if a consultation is all that's needed to a find a resolution.

Are You the Plaintiff Or the Defendant?

Court cases consist of litigants, which are the two opposing parties whom are at odds. If you believe that someone owes you money due to damages, unpaid debts, misconduct, or even pain and suffering, you're going to be the plaintiff.  Although plaintiffs are generally the parties that initiate legal claims they can quickly find themselves deep in legal hot water if a cross petition is filed. You'll benefit from the representation of law offices specializing in the type of legal matter you're involved in if you are the plaintiff in a pending court case.

Defendants hire the services of law offices to defend themselves against legal claims in court. In other words, if a case has been filed in court and you were served with a petition then you will be named as the defendant. Most of the time it is advised that you have an attorney represent you in court if you are the defendant in any type of matter, whether it be civil or criminal. Even if you haven't yet been sued or charged with a crime, sometimes the threat of legal action can be enough for you to need to get in contact with the best available law offices.

Is There Currently a Pending Legal Claim?

Do you want to file a lawsuit against a person or company who you feel have wronged you in some way, or have you already filed a petition? For defendants, sometimes legal proceedings get continued indefinitely or dismissed in entirety before any hearings are even scheduled. There may be less of a pressing need to sign a retainer agreement to have a lawyer represent you if there's no current legal action taking place. On the other hand, making an agreement to have experienced legal experts from the most respected law offices in your area represent your case is best, even if you don't have a court date yet.