Tips For Securing Your Child An IEP At School

If your child with a disability is entering school this year and they are dragging their feet about getting an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) in place, then there are many actions you can take on behalf of your child to move the process along, including each of the following tips:

Tip: Aim to Foster Friendly Communication With the Staff

While it would be nice to have your child enrolled in a school where the staff and teachers trip over themselves to be accommodating, this isn't always the case. School employees, teachers, and administrators are often overworked and don't have a lot of time for meetings and administrative tasks. For this reason, you need to make an extra effort to be polite and friendly in all of your interactions with the school staff.

Always keep in mind that you want the school's help with setting up and attending your child's IEP meeting. And, ultimately, you want the best education for your child that they can offer. You will get much farther by being someone they like interacting with than someone they would rather avoid.  

Tip: Compromise on Non-Critical Things That Will Save the School Money

Since most public schools are underfunded, they do not like having too many students on IEPs that require the school to spend extra money. Thankfully, you can get the school to work with you on lower cost items if there are some things on which you are willing to compromise. For example, your child riding a disabled bus or needing a special desk can be negotiated if your child is on the border of needing this type of accommodation. If your child is capable of riding the regular school bus or sitting at a regular desk, then mention these things to the school. The school will be willing to give you things you ask for if you are reasonable about your demands on their time and money. 

Tip: Seek the Assistance of an Attorney Who Specializes in Special Education Issues

Finally, if you are unable to get your child's new school to comply with your requests or they refuse services to your child that you believe are warranted and necessary, then you should seek the professional assistance of a lawyer in your local area who specializes in special education issues. This type of attorney knows the laws that pertain to education as well as often knowing all of the relevant players at each school who are involved in the IEP process. 

If you want more information on how a special education lawyer can help you, make an appointment with one in your area today.