What Your Attorney Wants You To Know About Pursuing Payments For Injuries Caused By A Canine

You may face several dangers while undertaking various outdoor activities. One of the more serious is an attack by a canine, which could happen while you're jogging or going about other business. Notably, you have a right to sue if a dog injures you without your provoking it. For this reason, you need to contact a lawyer to help determine who's liable and the compensation you can get after a successful claim. Once you consult an attorney, they will likely begin by explaining the following details to enable you to understand the nuances of a case like this:

You Can Hold Several Parties Liable  

Several parties may be liable for your injuries, including the person who owns the canine that attacked you. Therefore, after the attack, establish the dog owner's identity before you leave the incident scene, if possible. Still, you might require immediate, comprehensive medical care and need to get to a hospital promptly. If this is the case, contact your lawyer so that they can come to the scene and obtain the information on your behalf. Your lawyer can also hold non-owners accountable if their negligence leads to an attack by a canine. For instance, a legal practitioner can help you sue a property owner or landlord for allowing dangerous animals onto their premises.

You Can Face Challenges in Getting Your Rightful Payment

Sometimes, getting your rightful payment after a dog attack may be laborious. This includes a situation where a canine may have bitten you after you entered someone's property. In a case like this, the defendant might accuse you of trespassing and argue that you don't deserve to get compensation. If they raise this argument, your lawyer may present evidence demonstrating that you had permission to be on the property when the attack happened. It will help establish that the defendant was fully responsible for the attack and your injuries.

You May be Eligible to Seek Different Forms of Compensation

You may be eligible to seek various payments for your damages after suffering canine-inflicted injuries. Nonetheless, determining the payments to request takes expertise in the legal process. Besides this, the insurance company might attempt to avoid paying for your damages if they realize that you don't know what you're entitled to. Thus, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to help you determine the amount you are eligible to seek. They will determine this by evaluating the severity of the harm you suffered in the attack and your contribution to the incident if any. In addition, your lawyer will consider the time you will spend away from work and the cost of treating and managing your injuries.

Many dogs are loving pets who provide valuable company. But unfortunately, some can also attack and injure strangers, leaving the individual nursing serious injuries. If such an incident happens, contact a dog-bite lawyer. They can help you seek justice and compensation from the person who owns the dangerous canine and other wrongdoers, depending on the case's circumstances.