3 Advantages Of Bail Bonds

If someone you know has recently been arrested, then you may be looking for a way to guarantee their release from jail before an upcoming court date. While there are various ways to go about this, one of the simplest and most convenient ways is by posting a bail bond. A bail bond involves a bond agent, who pays the amount of the bail on the defendant's behalf. They are then repaid in full at a later time. Take a look below to discover just three of the reasons why working with a bail bonds agency is beneficial.

Paying in Installments

If you are looking to go the cash bond route, in which the defendant's bail is posted using their own personal funds, then you'll have to scrape together the full amount upfront. While this may be feasible for lesser amounts, few people have six-figure accounts that they can liquidate at a moment's notice. The court system is far from lenient and will not give you the option of paying the bail amount over time. A bail bondsman, on the other hand, can work with you to determine a monthly payment plan that is best for you. Though policies vary, most bail bondsmen only require that you pay ten percent of the bail amount to start.

Expert Guidance

Many people are hesitant to involve a third party when they are arrested and held in jail. While this is understandable, having a bail bondsman is crucial during court proceedings. If a defendant misses a single court date or misunderstands a legal obligation, they may be held accountable in additional ways. They may even have the possibility of posting bail denied completely. Fortunately, hiring a bail bondsman can help you avoid these pitfalls. An experienced and knowledgeable bondsman can guide you through the process and make sure that you fulfill all of your duties as a defendant.

Immediate Freedom

If a defendant is unable to post a cash bond, then they will face imprisonment until they are proven innocent in a court of law. While this may seem unfair, it nonetheless represents the reality of the legal system. Hiring a bail bondsman is one way that individuals who have been arrested can circumvent this situation and gain their freedom immediately. If a defendant is working closely with a bail bond agent, they may be able to regain their freedom just a few minutes after bail is posted.