Why You Should Go To A Law Firm Instead Of A Solo Practitioner

If you are in need of legal advice, you have the option of finding a lawyer who works alone, practicing the area of law you need, or you can go to a firm that has many attorneys with many specialties. If you are sure that your situation involves only one area of law, something like a real estate transaction or perhaps a traffic ticket, you may want to consider using a law firm instead of a solo practitioner. Here are just a few benefits you will notice when you go with law firms:

Expertise with Multiple Legal Issues

Quite often, your legal issue will involve more than one area of law. For example, you may hire a personal injury lawyer only to find out you also need someone who understands product liability issues. If you are the defendant, having a team of lawyers ready to tackle anything the plaintiff's attorney brings up in the case, you have a better chance of an outcome in your favor.

More Staff

You won't only have access to more lawyers, but there will be more support staff to help with your case. This means work will get done faster and you will always have someone available to discuss the case with you. Solo practitioners usually have only a few people on staff, and if they are busy, some aspects of your situation may be pushed aside for a while. You may find it hard to get answers to what is going on with your case when you call.


Once you have worked with a law firm, you become familiar with some of the staff, the other lawyers, and how they operate the business. This can make things easier if you find yourself in need of legal advice in the future. You may even decide to keep the firm on a retainer, paying them a set amount each month to help you with any and all legal problems that may arise. This is especially helpful if you have a business or will be signing contracts. Your retainer fees will cover having someone look at things for you before you sign anything.

The most important thing when looking for legal help is to find someone you are comfortable with. When you go to a law firm, there will be more than one professional able to help you regardless of the problem. If you find you are not completely comfortable with a solo practitioner, you will need to start your search over from scratch.