“He Just Wasn’t Into ‘Frozen’” And Other Weird Reasons For Divorce

Many couples get divorced for justifiable reasons such as adultery or domestic abuse issues. However, a small percentage of people get divorced for reasons that defy belief, logic, or both. Here are a few cases where spouses decided they couldn't stay together for reasons that are stranger than fiction.

Elsa the Home Wrecker

When Disney's Frozen was released in November 2013, it was well received, going on to earn $1.3 billion worldwide in box office receipts alone. Almost a year and a half later, Elsa and crew are inspiring a sequel, YouTube spoofs, memes, and apparently divorces.

According to a post on a Japanese website called The Gravesite of Married People, a young man reported that his wife left him when he revealed he wasn't a big fan of the kids' flick despite having studied Danish Literature in college. His wife was so offended by his mild disdain that she announced she wanted to end their six-year marriage and moved in with her parents. It just goes to show that not everyone can be like Elsa and let things go.

The Curious Case of Bad Table Manners

When it comes to marriage, each person often has to make some concessions to his or her mate in order to make the relationship work. For one newlywed woman, however, her husband's atrocious table manners were the one thing she could not overlook.

One night while they were having dinner together, a Kuwait woman discovered her husband preferred using his bread to eat his peas rather than a fork. Horrified, the woman declared he had bad table manners and decided she didn't want to spend another moment with a man who didn't know how to eat peas the right way. She filed for a divorce to end their one-week marriage shortly thereafter.

Apparently she's not the only one who's willing to leave a marriage over minor issues. According to legal experts in Kuwait, the inability to accept a partner's personal preferences is one of the primary reasons people get divorced in the country.

Game Over, Man, Game Over

They say the couple who games together stays together. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case with a couple who had a penchant for online MMORPGs. The couple had virtual versions of themselves on Second Life. Sometime during the course of their relationship, the husband's online avatar had a digital affair with a pixilated pretty girl who wasn't his wife. Eventually, the wife forgave the husband's electronic indiscretion and all seemed okay.

However, the wife soon become more interested in wielding a warhammer in World of Warcraft and apparently missed a virtual date with her husband's avatar in Second Life. Strangely enough, this proved to be the unforgivable sin that eventually led to the dissolution of the couple's online and offline relationships.

To Divorce or Not Divorce, That is the Question

When someone seeks out a divorce for odd or inconsequential reasons, chances are pretty good there is more going on than what is being said. The person may have been unhappy in the relationship for a long time or have simply decided marriage isn't for him or her any longer.

If you find yourself being hit with a request for a divorce for reasons that seem illogical or downright weird, you'll have to decide whether to make an effort to save the relationship—which will often entail some type of marriage counseling—or let your spouse go on his or her merry way.

In either case, it's a good idea to consult with a family law attorney who can provide you with information and guidance on either mediating a resolution to the problems in your marriage or protecting yourself and your assets during a separation.