Avoid The Winter Blues During Your Divorce

can be especially difficult for people going through a divorce. These tips will help you beat the winter blues, so you can keep up your morale during the long, emotionally difficult months of winter.


People tend to exercise less when the weather outside is bad, but this can be a mistake. Exercise can help to improve your mood, supports good sleeping patterns and also helps to clear your head. If you're unable to exercise at home, get a gym membership for the colder months.

Use a Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy helps many people during the long, dark hours of winter. Light therapy lamps are believed to be as effective as anti-depressants for people who suffer from mild and moderate cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Light therapy lamps are available for sale at department stores and online.

Seek Support from Friends

Your friends are there for you during times of tragedy. Be honest with your friends about your feelings, and stay in regular contact with your closest friends, so they can do their best to help you through this time. Make plans to see your friends, to keep yourself busy and active and to prevent yourself from dwelling on your sadness.

Go Somewhere Warm

Get out of town and go somewhere sunny and happy for a weekend. This can help lift your mood and keep your mind off your troubles. Speak to your divorce lawyer before leaving town, however, to avoid any conflicts that could prevent your case from going your way.

Take Up Something New

You may be feeling a lot of sadness and anger over your divorce, and with winter here, you may be feeling boredom because of the terrible weather. This mixture of feelings can lead to a terrible downward spiral.

Take your energy and focus it elsewhere. Take on a new hobby, join a new social club or start a weekly "movie night" with your friends. Getting out of the house and participating in new activities will help you develop renewed feelings of interest in life and the world around you.

Keep in Contact with your Divorce Lawyer

Your divorce lawyer is on your side, fighting for your case. Keep your divorce lawyer or places like Kelm & Reuter, P.A. in the loop on your activities and check in with him or her throughout the winter to stay up to date with your case. This will ensure that your divorce goes smoothly and that you'll be ready when the time comes to finalize, so you can begin the emotional recovery process as quickly as possible.